Meet The Gang

Animals may be changed at last minute due to shedding skin, feeding, medications etc (the animals welfare will always be put first) an alternative will always be given.

T – Touch only H – Hold L – look only

  • Guinea Pig

    Willow (H)

  • Tenrec

    Truffle (H)

  • Chinchilla

    Cole (T)

  • Chinchilla

    Midnight (T)

  • Duprasi

    Cleo, Sphinx, Rocca (T)

  • Hedgehog

    Clover (L)

  • Rabbits

    Pixie & Pebbles (H)

  • African Fat Tail Gecko

    Tango (L)

  • Skunk

    Fudge (small groups)

  • Brazilian Black Tarantula

    Malificent (L)

  • Guinea Pigs

    Hedwig & Sunshine (H)

  • Chiliean Rose Tarantula

    Taboo (H)

  • Stick Insects

    Twiggy & Twiglet (H)

  • African Millipede

    Millie, Vanilli, Marvin (H)

  • Pixie African Bullfrog

    Priscilla (L)

  • Emporer Scorpion

    Bellatrix (L)

  • Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

    Nacho (L)

  • Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches

    Megatron, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (H)

  • Giant African Snail

    Gary,  SpongeBob,  Brian, and the gang (H)

  • Hermans Tortoise

    Sherman (H)

  • Chinchilla

    Lilly (T)