Animal Parties


We bring our amazing animals along for hands on fun and have lots of party packages available 

The birthday boy/girl will be invited to hold the animals and parents are given lots of time to take special photographs. The birthday boy/girl will receive a birthday card and a small gift from the animals.

Deluxe Party

This party lasts for an hour, we will come to your venue or home with a selection of our animals, there will be lots of hands on fun and you get the chance to learn a little about the animals.


Toddler Party

40 mins ~ This is a shorter party as toddlers attention span doesn’t last very long. It is a selection of animals suitable for the age range ~  Max 10 children includes a small gift and card suitable for a toddler


We also do Adult Parties !!! I’m a Celebrity Theme with Bush Tucker Trials (edible bugs) plus lots more – Call us for more Information

A few tip for a super party :

Keep numbers to the minimum, this is for the best experience for your child (the more children the less handling)

Avoid balloons, bouncy castles ~ they cause distraction away from the animals and we find children run back and forth throughout the party spoiling it for children that want to take part with the animals

No food or drink while the animals are about (this is for health and hygiene)

Try not to turn it into a mothers meeting ~ lots of mums/dads together are great but can be very noisy while we are presenting animals to the children. Another room for parents is great !!

Try to get the children to arrive on time as it can be distracting to the party people coming and going.

Relax and enjoy it after all it is your childs party and you want the best experience for you and your child as they are special memories.


Download Our Party Invitation

Give us a call for Easter, Halloween/Christmas Parties