Sensory Sessions/Care Homes

We will bring along a selection of animals to meet your residents. This could be small cute furry animals or mini beasts and reptiles. Pet therapy has proved beneficial for the elderly as many have had to leave homes and sometimes pets behind.

Pet therapy offers psychological benefits in terms of emotional connection, stress reduction, and reduced feelings of loneliness or isolation. Physical contact is important to our mental health. Stroking and cuddling with a pet is therapeutic. I work closely with dementia sufferers and animal therapy is a huge benefit to them, it stimulates them to remember animals they had as pets. Im lucky to work with some great activities coordinators in residential homes who see the benefits the animals bring to residents.

Animal Assisted Therapy is a stimulating and exciting addition to traditional therapeutic methods.  Our services can help children, adolescents, adults and older people with mental health needs, physical or learning disabilities to achieve increased health, wellbeing and quality of life.


SEN Groups

Animals make a huge impact on SEN groups as it is very hands on. The animals are all different textures to touch and children especially get a great deal of pleasure being able to touch and hold the animals.

Vikki has worked with SEN groups over the past few years and says: To see the childrens faces light up after touching the animals gives a huge satisfaction and it makes the experience a one they wont forget.

She works regularly with the Alan Shearer Centre.

What People Are Saying About Us

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