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Retired seraphim angels are those that will no longer be produced in the same size or form. There are three ways in which a seraphim angel can be retired.

Limited Edition 818 angel number

Limited edition seraphim angels are those that are reproduced in limited numbers. The number can be anything, whether as low as one, single angel with no reproductions, or a million reproductions. Usually the number of reproductions is a few hundred or a few thousand. Once that number of angels has been reproduced, the mold is destroyed, thereby retiring that particular model of seraphim angel.

Closed Editions

Closed editions are angels that have reached the time limit for which they were intended. The mold is destroyed, retiring the seraphim angel.

Discontinued Editions

Production of an angel is discontinued either to honor the angel, or because the angel no longer sells well. The mold can either be preserved, just in case demand for the angel returns, or it can be destroyed, retiring the angel.

Retired seraphim angels are sometimes reproduced in a different size or form in cases where there is high demand for a particular angel. For example, if an angel was produced as a 12″ tall figurine in 1995 and retired in 1996, it might still be produced in 2000 as a 27″ figurine. That was exactly the case for Alyssa, Nature’s Angel from the Seraphim Classics Collection.

Retired seraphim angels are usually more valuable in the secondary market than those that are still being produced. Dealers and private collectors often auction their retired seraphim angels on eBay and other online auction houses, or sell them on collectibles websites such as gocollect.com. If you are in the market for retired seraphim angels, check these types of secondary marketplaces often. Dealers tend not to display to the world their entire collection all at once.



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