Submit a Post Office Change of Address Online in Just 2 Minutes

A Post Office change of address is an important thing to take care of before you move. You don’t want to miss any important bills, financial statements or other items that may still have your old address on them. It used to be somewhat of a hassle to change your address with the Post Office. You often had to go to the post office, wait in line, ask the clerk for the correct form, fill it out, sign it, and turn it in. There also could be problems if a postal employee had trouble reading your writing or entered some information incorrectly into the system. For example, switching 2 numbers around in an address or zip code is a significant error when changing addresses. click here

The good news is that this hassle and potential for error can now be avoided. You are now able to fill out a simple one page form online to change your address with the post office. You can review what you entered yourself to make sure there are no errors and correct them if there are any before submitting the information. The entire process takes about 2 minutes on your own computer in your own home.

Once you submit your change of address, the Post Office will confirm the change by email and by regular mail at your old and new addresses. Within 7 to 10 days from the start date you entered on the form, you will be receiving the forwarded mail at your new address. You will receive mail that is still addressed to your old residence for one year. After that, the mail is returned to the sender with a sticker notifying them of your new address.


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